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classic | men's range

Just because you are a man, doesn't mean you can't pamper and indulge yourself. You deserve a treat, so enjoy our suave and sophisticated Men's skin care range.

De-stress and rebalance your skin with our multi-active balm, which will soothe, tone and moisturise. 200ml.

£ 13.00

Our rich blend of natural ingredients will nourish and protect your skin, instantly improving its look and feel. 75ml tube.

£ 10.00

Scientifically formulated to instantly soften stubble and moisturise your skin. Our gel makes shaving a pleasure, it’s easy to apply and lathers beautifully. 75ml tube.

£ 8.00

Sophisticated and seductively masculine, our designer scent for men is available in our Victor fragrance. 100ml atomiser.

£ 44.00

An effervescent, refreshing gel infused with natural ingredients to leave your skin and hair thoroughly clean and invigorated. 200ml.

£ 13.00

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